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115 HSM -  Hot Stone Massage ("HSM") is a type of massage treatment that incorporates comfortably heated stones with other massage techniques to better relax muscles and induce a calming state of mind. 115 Heated Stone Massage includes the placement of sanitized, heated stones (smooth basalt rocks - a type of volcanic rock that retains heat) upon different parts of the body. Typically this treatment is done in conjunction with traditional massage techniques, such as Swedish massage, and the stones may be used with applied acupressure by the massage therapist during the treatment. After the heat has dissipated to a comfortable temperature, the stones may be placed and left for a period of time on certain body parts such as the spine, hands or belly. When applied to trigger points by the massage therapist, the stones relax tight muscles, relieve stress and pain, and promote more healthy circulation. Our 115 HSM massage includes the extra 30 minutes that helps to make 115 Massage© the place you never want to leave!