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Name:Carol K.
Ditto to all the testimonials that I just read.  Adan has a magic touch, takes pride in his work, is very calming and a true professional.


Name:Jennifer Alvarez

 I bought one massage thinking i wanted to just try it first since it was my first time and wished i would have bought the 3 instead, the massage was AMAZING!! I loved the deep tissue and and now going to suggest Adan to my friends. I am picky about my deep tissue massages and he was excellent, i have been getting massages for over 10 years but have a hard time finding good people and i'm glad i stumbled upon him!


Name: Sam Chouat
 I just had my first professional massage experience with Adan and it was simply phenomenal.  I'm 26 years old by the way.  I got the deep tissue massage, specifically for my upper body.  Adan did an excellent job not only on my upper and lower back, but also my neck area.  I not only feel more relaxed but also more energized.  I am definately going to start getting massages on a monthly basis going forward.  Thanks Adan for a job well done.







Adan did an amazing job on my massage.  I've had many massages before, and he is excellent at deep tissue relieving tension in my neck, back and shoulders.  I would recommend him to anyone!








 I was really impressed with Adan. I felt better within the first 15 mins. My exercise routine is very intense.  I had knots everywhere. So Adan gave me a deep tissue massage. He was gentle but firm. He applied just the right amount of pressure. My body no longer feels sore or stiff. I've had other massages but nothing like Adan's. He’s truly talented. A God send.




Name: Shevon


This was the most amazing massage ever! Adan was fantastic. I have traveled throughout the country and abroad and experienced many therapist. He is the best! I am moving to Houston and Adan will most ceratinly be my therapist. I recommend him to anyone. He was very professional and his hands are a dream. I will definitely be back! Thank You!





Name: Lynn



Talk about digging out those sore muscles. Adan is the first massage therapist I've been to that really knew where my problem areas were.  I'm a registered nurse working in a very high stress environment. He applied a combination of DTM and accupressure. I was sore for the first day or two, but felt much better afterwards. I highly recommend Adan. Must go again.




Name: Sharon N.

 Adan gave the best massage ever. He manipulated muscles no other therapist had paid much attention to in the past and the relief and relaxated state I was in at completion was amazing.

I am writing this 3 days post massage and I still am in awe of the feeling.
The was no hard sell to return but I guarantee you i'm looking forward to my next session and already have told countless friends about the fabulous experience.
Thanks Adan!





Name: Patricia Erickson


Adan is very professional and skilled at massage. I enjoy his work very much, and as a Pilates teacher, I refer clients to him often. They always report a thorough and effective experience with him. I look forward to working with him on my body and my clients' bodies for years to come. 




Name: Richard


Adan does wonderful work. He has helped me through injuries from running and biking, including foot, leg, back, rib, shoulder and neck problems. I recommend Adan to all my friends who have sustained injuries



Name: Zach

 Adan is by far the best massage therapist I've ever been to. His attention to detail, adaptive and unique style, in combination with his knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, kindness and personal relationship with each individual client make for an unforgettable, all-encompassing, massage experience that is tailored specifically to meet your needs.





Name: Aly

In my opinion, 115 Massage is the best massage experience in Houston. A full 1 hour and 15 minutes for the same price as most chains charge for only 60 (actually 50) minutes is an incredible value. But price is not enough to keep me coming back; I would gladly pay more for the incredible massage I receive each time I see Adan. He is a talented massage therapist who is very knowledgeable about muscle physiology. Whether you have specific pain that needs to be addressed or you just want relaxation, Adan is the guy to see




Name: Shana Heilbrun


My boyfriend, Justin, and I have been going to Adan for almost a year now.  We are both rather picky, and use massage therapy for different reasons (relaxation vs muscle pain).  Adan is great about tailoring his style to fit whatever it is you need worked on, and makes it very easy to book appts with him.  Thanks Adan!!



Name: Sharon


Adan is so professional and conscientious about his clients. I have never encountered anyone even close to how expert he is. If you are in a car wreck, he is guy to see. Or just for stiff neck and back, headaches, etc. Give him a call.  Sharon





Name: Gail Oktavec


 I have now had 2 massages with Adan Juarez.  He is fabulous, his technique is spot on.  He has that tremendous ability to find those pesky, painful areas and work them out.  I will definately be back to see him.  I have had numerous massages in the past, and work as a therapist.  Adan knows his stuff!



Name: Jackie

 The BEST massage I have had in a very long time.  Relaxing atmosphere, very professional and intense!  Thank you Adan!




Name: Alicia Garza

Adan You are a fantastic massage therapist.  I love your attention to detail; there are so many things that you do to make the experience amazing.  I especially love the aromatherapy, the hot stones and the extra 15 minutes make such a huge difference... it feels like it goes on forever!  Also, thank you for being so responsive to different levels of pressure, I feel like the stress and tension melts away after seeing you!  I look forward to our next visit.



Name: Monica


I've bought many groupons and daily deals for massages and this one has been my best experience thus far.  I think a lot of places will rush through a massage and not provide quality service since the price was discounted,

but not at 115 massage.  Adan is very experienced and  performed some exceptional massage techniques that really helped get the stress out of my shoulders and back. 

He also had wonderful aromatheraphy that made the experience even more relaxing. 

The extra 15 minutes for the price is also worth it, I will definitely be going back. 




Name: Whitney

Adan gave a terrific massage!  I loved every minute of it, he even tried out the cupping on me and that was awesome too!  I can't wait to go back, already made my next appointment.  This is a great place for a relaxing massage. 



 Name: Joel A

I have had just a handful of professional massages and, honestely, never saw the great appeal to pay for a massage. The places I had gone to before were commercial chain massage spas.

A family member had bought a massage for 115Massage on Groupon.com and was not able to make the appointment so they passed the Groupon on to me.
Adan completely changed my perspective on professional massages. The Groupon was for a swedish massage but he recognized that my interest was a deep tissue massage and graciously upgraded me.

The other deep tissue massages I have had previously were all lacking in strength and effective techniques. Adan definitely knew the best techniques and strength to apply. 115Massage was, EASILY, the best massage I have had.
My only complaint was that the building was a little tough to find (behind Quizno's). Other than that, I would highly recommend Adan and I will definitely be going back for another massage.

Even though my experience with professional massages is limited, it is evident that Adan is a first class masseuse and he managed to completely change my mind about how great massages can be.




 Name: Blair Abernathy

 I purchased a voucher online for this massage and was pleasantly surprised by the abilities of the therapist. I had a bit of trouble finding the location, but it was worth it.

The voucher was for 75 minutes but the therapist only performed the massage for 60 minutes.I am assuming this is because the voucher was for a swedish massage but he was kind enough to use extra pressure,

as requested, and perform a deep tissue massage. I am assuming the 15 minutes were cut off because of the upgrade from swedish to deep tissue (without charging me a fee),

which I was happy to have happen! The quality of the massage and the amount of pressure and control using that pressure were awesome! Overall, I was happy with the massage and deal I purchased.



Name: Kile

I have already had two massages from Adan in the last two weeks.  He does a great job, was very flexible

with my schedule and even opened up early! I have another appt scheduled and will continue to see him as he is the best I have found in Houston. 



Name: Jaclyn

Adan gives the best massage. He is very in tune to your needs, very personal and makes sure you are always comfortable.

He even came to our home to give my husband a deep tissue massage and my husband is very picky. He was extremly satisfied

with the results. Thanks Adan, keep up the good work. You are a diamond in the rough.




Name: Candy Willard

I had experienced tons of massages of different kinds, from Swedish to Deep and now to Cupping.  This has been my best massage experience ever and by far the longest, which I loved.

Thank you Adan for this wonderful experience!




Name: Karen


One of the best massages I have ever had--and I've had a lot.  Very professional.  Not only did Adan work on my problem areas (knots, etc.)

but the experience was relaxing, as well.  I recommend his services without any reservation.




Name: Mary


Adan did a great job on my hot stone massage. The hot stones, hot towel on my back and feet felt great.

His massages are great-he makes sure the temperature and pressure is at your comfort level.

He is really nice and makes you feel comfortable. You cannot find a better price for the length of the massage anywhere else!




Name: Bruce Derouen


When I moved to Houston about 1.5 years ago, I had a very hard time finding a massage therapist

that was willing/able to give me the TRUE deep tissue massage that I need.  You see, as a professional sign language interpreter,

my upper back stays very tight, so I need someone who is willing to REALLY dig.  It seems most guys aren't willing to do that.

I'm very pleased to say Adan is not one of those people. He seems very attuned to your needs and is willing to adjust as need be. 

I was having a hard time with my sinuses today, so I wasn't able to relax like I want to, but I'm looking forward to next time, and I'll be ready! :)




Name: Diana

I have had the opportunity to have lots of massage at many wonderful resorts.  I specifically asked for a female masseause

and learned the services were provided by a male, Adan.  Well, I gave it a try and was wonderfully pleased. 

I felt very comfortable and relaxed.  He was very in tuned to my many knots and conscientious about the proper pressure and my comfort. 

I HIGHLY recommend Adan.  He went the extra effort and gave me aromatherapy, hot stones and an awesome massage. 

I belong to a massage "club" and will cancel my membership as I have a new awesome massage therapist.  Thanks Adan!!



Name: Jessica

Massage was great - very lengthy and intensive on back and feet, which is great for ladies who wear heels all week.

  Would definitely recommend Adan!




Name: Tina

I left the massage feeling really mellow and calm. It was a rare and wonderful feeling! Adan's service also made me

feel at ease -- esp. since it was the first time I had a male massage therapist. I plan to return and probably order

some massages for family members.



Name: John Gowen

Best massage ever and the price was even better.  Another deal like that and I will come again.

Thanks Adan.



Name: Kimberley


I went to get a massage for the first time yesterday because of a coupon I bought online. I was super excited for a

week waiting on my appointment, and Adan didn't let me down! It was great!! He even threw in a free foot scrub!

I will definitely go back and I don't mind paying full price instead of a coupon!



Name: Candy

One of the best massages I have ever had.  The hot stones are wonderful and I left there feeling completely

relaxed.  Adan is professional, friendly and concerned about his client's needs.  Highly recommended!



Name: Miriam Hernandez

 The best massage I have ever had in Houston!
Adan really left me feeling like new. I highly recommend his terapy to anyone.



Name: Jeanine Anderson

I am a very busy hairdresser, and before I began seeing Adan I had numerous problems with my shoulder and wrist.
Since I have begun therapy with Adan I now no longer have these problems.  The man is amazing and has enabled
me to work pain free for the first time in years.



Name: Miranda


 My experience with Adan was great. I came in because I was having bad back pain due to being at the keyboard
all day at work and he was able to do a phenominal job of working the pain right out. I have recommended him to
friends and I definitely recommend him to anyone that is interested in experiencing a way to relax and relieve tension.




Name: Carrie K.

 WOW! One of the best massages I have ever had for a GREAT price. I had a deep tissue and I felt like Adan hit all
the tension areas I had in my back. Not only did I feel great when I left after my 75 minute massage, but there were
a lot of extras included (hot stones, foot scrub, hot towels, and great smelling oils). I would definately recommend
him to everyone I know and am going back as soon as I can!




Name: Moana Yee

 Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!! I suffer from muscle tension, pinch nerves, major aches and pains from a previous
car accident, I have been seeing Adan for over 3 months now and its helped tremendously.  He has been a huge
help on my road to recovery!   
My favorite part is the Hot Stones! Hot at first, but very relaxing from after...in connection with the massaging, I forget
about the pain! I absolutely recommend him for whatever your purpose be!



Name: cary

 Happy to leave a recommendation! Adan is one of the most talented massage therapists I have run across in 25
years of getting massages. I highly recommend the hot stone treatment, and the aromatherapy. Therapeutic and relaxing!



Name: Zach

 Adam gives excellent massages. He really helps alleviate pain. I would recommend him to anyone.



Name: Glenn

 I have been getting massages on a regular basis for 25 years.  I have NEVER had a massage this good ADAN
it's good everytime, not just the first time!



Name: Lydia

THE BEST MASSAGE YOU'LL EVER HAVE!!! Adan is the most professional, attentive, and best masseuse ever!! 
For those who are hesitant to get that first massage, I highly recommend you try Adan. He will relax you in no time
and you will feel like you are floating on air!




Name: Maggie O'Neill

WOW~! Hands down, the BEST massage I have ever had. Adan was amazing! I try to get massages at least every
month and it has been hit and miss every time. I have tried the chain places and even recommended private therapists.
I will be going to Adan from now on. It has been dificult to find a massage therapist who listens when you tell him/her
what kind of pressure you want and keeps that pressure the whole time. I was pleased with the ambiance and the
aromatherapy, stoen therapy, feet exfoliation, and stretching that was all ecnompassed in my massage. Sometimes
the therapists try to use up the time with these side things but Adan consistently was giving me a hands on experience
during the whole mssage! I am looking forward to my next massage :) Thanks Adan! There is hope in Houston for an all
-around amazing massage! ADAN




Name: John Hardesty

 Adan is the consummate professional in the world of massage therapy.  I have had massage for years, in many
different locations with many therapists.  He is THE BEST.  He 'listens' to your body, understands what is needs, and
always 'checks in' with you to be sure that he is giving you what you want.  For me, there is also an added element of
deep spirituality and love that has his work be a cut above the rest.  What an amazing experience!!  Thank you, Adan.



Name: Mansour R.Sanjar,M.D.

Regularly I am enjoying the exceptional massage that my friend Adan gives me and, I call him my friend because
he is very friendly, professional, knowledgable, timely and, conscienctious. He has very good knowledge of anatomy
and physiology of the soft tissues and much gentle in his massage and attention.



Name: Marilyn Macha

 I have been pampering myself for the last 30 years with having a massage regularly.  Adan is absolutely one of the
finest, if not the finest, massage therapists that I have ever had.  He listens, he is attentive, he communicates with you
if you desire, or he is silent and respectful of "my space".  I highly recommend having Adan as a primary relationship in
well being and experiencing love.



Name: Charlie

 I heard from my girl friend that Adan was the best.  In fact she would go on and on.  Having a massage from Adan
myself,I am now a fan based on my own experience.  He is not just the best, but the best by a long shot.  I have had
massages in LA, DFW, cruise ships, spas etc.and this was my best experience as he encouraged my input and
followed it wonderfully.  Plus you get more time for less money than franchises. Do yourself a favor and try out 115
Massage.  You will be telling your friends too!



Name: Laura

 Adan you are the best.....has anyone else said that already!  I highly recommend him!

Adan, coming to see you has helped me a lot, you have released the stress and made my trainning for the marathon
more enjoyable and less painful.

Thank you, thank you so much....I will continue coming to see you for more massages. 



Name: Rosy

 Realmente estoy muy contenta, la amabilidad, el profesionalismo y la tecnica simplemente lo Mejor !!
Gracias Adan !! 



Name: Silvia



Name: Ashley-Trainer

Great Massage!!  I already feel 1 step better after just one massage!  Thanks Adan


 Name: Aly

Adan is the best massage therapist I have ever had - and I've tried many. After my auto wreck in May of 2009,
my neck was in really bad shape. I was in so much pain and my mobility was so limited that it seemed like I
would never feel good again. I was even concerned that I might need surgery. Adan worked his magic, resolved
99% of my neck problems and helped me avoid surgery. One of the things I appreciate most is that he tailors his
massage to each individual. Everyone I have sent his way has different preferences, and they all tell me he is incredible.
Adan is professional, versatile, extremely talented and simply THE BEST!!


Walter Salgado wrote:
Awsome massage, very proffesional, great costumer service
I recomment this place :)


Name: Eric Perez

 I have received massages from both Adan an Isela and they were both excellent! They both have different styles
which is good, but a person would have to try it for themselves to decide which masuese will fit there needs.

I highly recommend 115 Massage because I like the fact I don't feel like I will be rushed on knowing that I will get
a 1hour and 15minutes massage. Thanks 115 Massage!!!!




Name: Austin

 My first experience at 115 Massage were "AWESOME!" I highly recommend 115 Massage if you are looking for a
great masseuse this is the perfect place to go. I love it so much I am a lifetime customer.




Name: Gustavo Cortes

  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

 Estoy muy contento con el servicio que tienen estas personas.Yo nunca había recibido un masage pero por fin
me animé y ahora recibo uno cada semana.

Primero sentia que los masajes eran para puras mujeres, pero la verdad se siente muy rico, relajante  y lo
recomiendo mucho. Recibi masage de los dos (Adan e Isela) y los dos son muy profesionales.

Realmente se los recomiendo

                                                                                                                                                                     Gustavo Cortes